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Throughout the drug development process, you will need to prepare comprehensive reports - Clinical…Device…Technical - to support research and development needs, regulatory submissions, product registrations. SommaTech has the ability to provide:
  • Full reports tailored across a broad band-width
  • Product array ranges from an internal report for a physician to publication ready within a peer-based journal

Flexible staff to meet your reporting needs.

Working collaboratively with you, SommaTech’s experienced information professionals and technical writers possess a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and device industry and associated regulatory environments and a proven track-record in creating a broad array of reports.


Our Information Professionals (MLS/MLIS) provide business, biomedical and patent searching options and are complemented by our Medical Writers, Technical Staff and Pharmaceutics/ Pharmaceutical Technology PhD’s with just the right commentary and analysis based upon years of technical expertise.

Budget management is critical.

  • Precisely defined search strategies based upon your specifications at the onset
  • Price-conscious approach without compromising quality
  • SommaTech has our own database licenses and access for the right client searches
  • Ongoing feedback assures all projects are tracking to meet expectations and budgets