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Adding Speed and Flexibility

Because the needs of drug companies are so diverse, SommaTech offers highly specialized expertise – garnered from years in the life sciences, including over 21 successful NDA approvals. Trained in a myriad of scientific disciplines, our resident experts deliver a comprehensive range of Pharmaceutical Consulting services based on your project scope.

With skill sets tailored specifically to your requirements, SommaTech experts can augment or lead cross-functional teams throughout any or every phase of the project lifecycle – crafting practical solutions to achieve leading edge, quality commercial products. While technical prowess and regulatory compliance guide project success, SommaTech experts also emphasize effective communication, clarity and professional candor to optimize team interaction.

Our Focus:

With specialties in the areas of:

  • Solid Oral Dosage Forms
  • Liquids
  • Sterile
  • Medical Device / Novel Dosage
  • Combination Products
  • Diagnostics
  • Fixed Dose Combinations
  • Food Supplements
  • Natural Products
  • Inhaled Products