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SommaTech approaches consulting from a uniquely informed perspective, forged by more than 100 years of product development and manufacturing experience and covering a wide range of product and processes from modified release, transdermal delivery, combination products, oral liquids, diagnostics, to biologicals. Our experience is evident in every aspect of our services to every client. We not only consult to develop solutions, we implement, track and close.

It becomes evident to clients when a consultant has performed the task requested or has just talked about it. We know what will work and what will not and the reason we know these things are based on our hands-on experience in the industry.

We provide an unequaled level of experience which is combined with direction on leveraging technological innovation as well as being able draw on the breadth of services available from the industry leading IPS organization.

These aspects allow us to provide personalized service with a commitment to continuous improvement, technical excellence and credibility earned by a success based industry history